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Channel Partnerships

Channel partnerships are an essential part of today’s global economy. This is why Rymys has taken the necessary steps to ensure its channel partners will deliver the same exemplary services it receives today. These services are one’s we can offer because they have our backs. That’s right! And because they have our backs, they have your backs!

Our Channel Partner Services Include:

  • Website Hosting from IPOWER
  • Application Development from Gazayerli Group Egypt
  • Integrated Physical Security System Solutions
  • International Shipping from DHL

Once Rymys helps you establish channel partner relationships and services, our channel partners will service your needs. Than why Rymys? Rymys scrutinizes every aspect of the service they offer and the support they provide. If we are not happy, we guarantee that you will not be either. Working with channel partners recommended by Rymys is the smart way to do business in today’s global economy.

image of ipower website

Dedicated Hosting

Rymys offers its customers the option to secure dedicated website hosting services through its affiliation with IPOWER.

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image of gazayerli group egypt logo

Custom Applications

Gazayerli Group Egypt (GGE) has over 30 years of experience building custom application websites driven by built-from-scratch customer relationship management (CRM) data systems that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft and  Lynix focused systems – among others – and those defined by customer API integration requests.

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image referencing integrated physical security solutions

Integrated Security

Rymys knows the importance of installing end-to-end cutting-edge and federally approved physical security systems designed to protect one’s establishments:

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs)
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems
  • Access Control Systems (ACSs)

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image referencing dhl logo

International Shipping

Through our partnership with DHL, Rymys can immediately provide its customer base the opportunity to ship worldwide at a discounted rate. That’s right! It’s the same DHL you use as a non-account holder but with an immediate 20% discount. Note: International Shipping Only!

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