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Education and Training

Education and Training

Company’s and Government Agencies that implement an Education and Training (E&T) program; presumably focus on guiding and training internal and external customers. As many company’s and agencies implement what they believe is a successful E&T program, they’d be surprised to learn that many programs do not implement E&T programs correctly. Why does Rymys say this and why does Rymys believe this?

Rymys says and believes this because of the many E&T programs Rymys has managed over the years, each one of them has integrated a small percentage of what the entire pie of E&T entails.

For example:

While one customer believes that training by a lead instructor is separate than instructional design, one customer believes that instructional design is a skill set that a lead trainer should possess. And while one customer agrees to implement a more interactive component to a virtual training session; one believes that implementing the interactive piece takes too long. While many companies and government agencies, if not all, do implement an E&T program as a core business unit, not all take advantage of what the true process requires.

Rymys Technology Consultants has trained over 7,000 Veteran Small Businesses on how to do business with the Department of Veterans Affairs and we have trained hundreds of commercial customers on a variety of subjects like:

  • Starting a business
  • Doing business with the federal government
  • Finding federal contracting opportunities using Beta.Sam.Gov
  • Using physical security systems to protect one’s business
  • Marketing a business
  • Among other topics

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