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Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

Communications is about preparing a message that asks a company’s target audience to do something. Marketing is about advertising the message to the target audience cost-effectively. Marketing and Communications combines the art of branding, advertising, promotions, sales, and customer service as one process for getting the word out.

The process allows a company’s audience to know about one or more product(s) and/or service(s) offered.

Successful marketing involves a company’s ability to efficiently and cost-effectively target audiences who appreciate what your company offers. This is why Rymys focuses on cost and effectiveness, together, a c0st-effective marketing strategy aligns with your budget and your objective.

And while budget may play a role in your decision making process, it’s a must to reach your audience:

  • So they know you exist
  • So you have time to build a credible reputation
  • So they buy from you as a repeat customer

When creating Rymys, our goal was to offer its clients marketing services that align with its business development services. Our range of services focus on E-Commerce and Customer Acquisition and Retention.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

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