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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Before we can devise a customer’s plan of action, a strategic plan, we must first clearly define the process we will follow in order to implement a carefully constructed strategic plan to achieve the desired project outcomes. To do this, we must talk about what your long-term plan is for reaching your goals. The conversation will include:

  1. Goal-setting
  2. Analysis
  3. Strategy formation
  4. Strategy implementation
  5. Strategy monitoring

There are six generalized steps that makeup the process for developing a strategic plan. Rymys, however, expands the process from six to seven by adding the definition of done; which answers the question; what do you as the customer want your audience – your customer – to be able to do with the product and/or service you want as the outcome of the project?

The 7 Essential Steps Rymys Follows for Developing a Strategic Plan are:

  1. Identify your core mission.
  2. Have a future-focused vision statement.
  3. Identify priorities.
  4. Prepare the Definition of Done
  5. Build a communication plan.
  6. Hold people accountable.
  7. Review, review, review

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